Saturday, 27 January 2018

Castles and more castles

Not posted for a while due to illness but will hopefully post a few times over the nest few days and  get back to sheffield wargames society to start gaming again this week . We have just spent a week in Wales the land of Castles (we even stayed in one ,although it was a victorian one ) so below are a few we visited .Caernarfon is home to the Welch fusiliers museum which I will cover in aleter post .
Denbigh Castle

Beaumaris ,one of Edwards big 4 in Wales

Conwy another of the big 4 

Caernarfon my favourite of the big 4 

Harlech ,last of the Edwards main 4 strongholds and the inspiration for the famous song 


Bodalwyddan ,our home for the week 

Bodalwyddan was home to a training trench system during WW1 which has been rebuilt but was sadly closed during our visit 

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