Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Official Force on Force Tournament

Ambush Alley Games Official Tournament
Force On Force

A official Force on Force Tournament will be held in Sheffield during the summer (JUNE-JULY) To Determine the number of “knockout” rounds, Venues ETC  we need to know who is interested in taking part .

THE BASIC BITS , we will be looking at a 3 or four round knockout type tournament ,there will be a small entry fee to cover venue costs any profits will go to The Royal British Legion ,there will be small prizes for the later stage participants  with the winner receiving some official Ambush Alley Goodies ,a baseball cap a keychain and a 15mm ltd edition figure Plus a certificate proudly announcing you as the winner of the 1st Tournament , and maybe some more things as well .
The basic planning has been done but to finalise things I need to know numbers, so with no commitment at this stage if you are interested please either email me, or put down the following on paper and hand to John Grayson at the Thursday night meetings of the Sheffield and Rotherham war games Club or to John at the War games Emporium in Orchard Square please mark for the attention of Richard Holden
What I need to know if you are interested:
1. Do you own an Insurgent or regular force suitable for modern period 2000 onwards if so what scale 
2. Which month is best for you June or July and Saturday or Sunday?
3. Would you be interested in a Tomorrows War Tournament?


  1. What scale? How big a force, Platoon, company? Potentially interested. July is best for me. As running a wargames show in June for which Peggy has already offered con support. Tomorrows war maybe next year if there a tournament then, have to wait and see.

  2. Hi ,size all depends on numbers entering ,if we get lots confirmed the first rounds will be infantry only platoon size the latter rounds becoming more in depth , Which show are you gaming at.

  3. sorry didnt answer about scale most people have 20mm but if you can supply both forces required then whatever but the scenary is all 20mm

  4. I am one of the organisers of the BROADSIDE show. In Sittingbourne Kent. My club (Rainham) will be doing a 20mm Brits in Afghanistan Game. I did ask Peggy to contact any pointmen. But now as a show we have run out of room. 24 Games 13 clubs and 35 traders. Including Wargames Emporium. Cheers For you replies. I can't confirm attendance just yet depends on shifts at work.

  5. No problem I have same problem with shifts ,and for knowing which show I just like to plan ahead so maybe pay a visit next year.Cheers

  6. The hall is already booked for 2013. (9th June). Assuming this game works for our club (it's like herding cats believe me) I will put myself forward NEXT year as a pointman. Anyway feel free to check my blog for regular updates on the game and the showshould you wish. Cheers Clint