Saturday, 7 October 2017

When Bond ,met Blofeld & nik nak backed up by some Aussies with a frog while being watched by Harley ,joker and the cosplay gang ....

Ok I wasnt sure what to put in the title "my latest painting "sounded dull , Ive been off work ill so picked up my brushes and got to work a mixed bag of stuff and finished a healthy amount ,some Australian infantry with a matilda frog and Bull Allen ,a heroic Australian who saved the lives of many of his comrades , all for Bolt Action .James Bond and some villains for 7TV and the Jared Leto joker ,Harley and the cosplay gang from the suicide squad movie for Batman Miniature game. ,not a bad haul for a couple of days work plus a few in variuos stages of completion which I may finish before I go back to work on Monday .
My Australians advance through the jungle 

Bull Allan carrys wounded comrade

A frog to back up my infantry ..toastie 

assorted villains gang up on Mr Bond 

The slightly crazy lovers

the cosplay boys (girls?) Eyeball man,the Grin twins,Pandaman and Goatshead priest

and a family shot 

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