Sunday, 29 October 2017

Fiasco Leeds - wargames shows getting worse ?

It is my mates birthday so thought we would go to Fiasco in Leeds ,never been to Fiasco since it moved to this venue and had a wallet full of money and wanted to pick up some bits and pieces plus get some of those dreaded impulse buys .Arrived 15 minutes before doors opened and their seemed to be a disagreement about if the crowd ( about 10 of us ) should be allowed in early or not , well we were .The first stall we came to sold buns? then we hit the wargames stuff I picked up a pre order from Underfire Minis to finish my 20mm IDF then moved along to Crooked Dice and picked up my order and had a great chat about upcoming releases ,then went to the Warlord stand to pick up some bits that John wanted and then browsed the other stand and shortly afterwards ended up back at the entrance with pockets full of money and feeling we had missed a room ,after a long look at the map we walked around again desperate to find something to buy and realised it was not just my poor eyesight but the room was very dark , and  trader  after trader joked about not bringing a torch ?. I suppose im lucky that in Sheffield we have a great wargames store that stocks about 80% of what I want but usually I always come away from shows with stuff i bought on impulse but the last few Ive been too Ive not indulged as much ,I think the issue here was at least 50% of the stalls sold the same stuff , mostly warlord games items .aybe we were being unfair but we agreed we wont be coming back to this show after petrol ,expensive parking and the entrance fee it would have been cheaper to order over the internet . Longing for the old days of stalls all sellng their own stuff and being crushed trying to grab that last copy of rule set maybe I dont know but other than the chat with Karl at crooked we didn't enjoy this expereince .