Thursday, 21 March 2013

F.I.W seven day challenge (day1)

Northstar indians and Coureur des bois
3 compleated sample ,conquest indians Galloping major Ranger.
 Having a week off work and lots to do I have set myself a couple of hours a day to pianting /basing figures .I decided to get my French Indian war figures out and instatly lost heart so many in so many different states of completion .So I have got out a selection that when finished will give me a small game of Muskets and Tomahawks ,so I will post pictures every day of my progress ,this hopefully pushing me on ?. Here is the starting line up at end of day 1 ....My Target units are
1 x ranger officer
2 x 6 ranger units
1 x 4 Iroquios British allies
1 x Franches de la marine officer

Same figure the conquest are beutiful but smaller and slimmer so put them on thicker bases.
 10 x de la marines
6 x Coureur des Bois
6 x Huron french allies

if possible another ranger unit and officer and another dozen iroquios are in my collection but not needed for the game.

The conquest figures are beutiful but slimmer and smaller than the others but on thicker bases its not too noticable ,Galloping Major and Northstar are almost identicle but the majors figures are better in my opinion.
GM Rangers  blocked out colours

Conquest indians main colours blocked in

The undercoated stuff is GM the ones started  are conquest

same as above left                 MORE TOMORROW?


  1. Great going! Keep going!! May your brush never run dry!!!