Sunday, 24 August 2014


I am about to start my next big project ,the Zulu war of 1879 ,I have actually a plan as well .The plan is to do everything for Rorkes Drift ,then add stuff to do Isandlwana and eventually add the bits to do other battles .
I had the Rorkes Drift set from Warlord Games/4 ground  bought me 2 years ago which covers most of the terrain needed for this epic battle .The figures will be a mix of Empress metal and Warlord Games Plastic for the colonial forces and a mix of Warlord and Wargames Factory plastics with a few Empress metals for the Zulu's . The Empress British are fantastic but the Zulu's are a bit poor in the plastics the war-games factory zulu's are better in my opinion but their Brits were awful .

The Zulu's will be based in 1's 2's ,3's and 4's in 20 figure units on home made movement trays ,with 2 units forming a regiment . The colonial stuff will mostly be based singly in 12 man infantry and 6 man cavalry units .

Rules will be at first Triumph and Tragedy with their Colonial supplement and then hopefully my own set which is coming along nicely .Hopefully all up and running for next years Triples.

I will keep posting my progress in between other things .
A selection of the resin scenery from Warlord Games

All lined up ,cleaned and ready for priming .


  1. Best of luck with this, a fabulous project and personal favourite period wise.

  2. Thanks Michael ,my favourite period always wanted to do it justice so hopefully I will

  3. I shall try to learn all the pertinent lines from the film in time for Triples!