Thursday, 9 January 2014

Zvesda Soviet Motorized Infantry

the set 
 I purchased a pack of the Zvesda 1/72 scale soviet infantry from the Wargames Emporium as I knew I was a few figures short for my Cold War Gone Hot project and hoped they would be ok hidden away with the metal figures I already had . Well I wish I had seen these first ,they are really nice figures , I can't remember the price as I bought them with a lot of other stuff but I have seen them on line for between £2.50 and £3.00 a pack .The pack contains 5 figures which is a section in the rules I use there are 2 rifle men a rpg and a lmg ,the figures all wear body armour .The set come with separate bases (except the omg )or a squad base for the Zvesda rule system ,the rpg base  comes with extra rockets and a  Ak47 .The box claims they do not require glue and thats true a nice snap together system which does work ,they needed a bit of cleaning where they were attached to the sprue but other wise went together very quickly , the snap together does mean that you cannot change the poses I am not a great modeller but would think it would be a major job to try and get some different poses other than the intended ones. The set comes with a very clear instruction sheet and a card for zvesdas own game system .The company also produce vehicles and aircraft for the game but the vehicles are 1/100 ,the Aircraft 1/144 and the infantry 1/72nd .
a poor picture showing the rpg base

comparison with Elhiem
another Elhiem and Zvesda comparison 

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