Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sturmovik Commander

As mentioned earlier those great chaps at Sturmovik Commander have allowed us to use their rules in our British Legion fund Raising campaign, but now they have made a nice contribution by sponsering us with some very nice models,and scenery for our games plus advirtising as well can I just thank them along with our other sponsers for helping us so much and ask everyone to follow the link in our sonsers Section to the Sturmovik Commanders web page and they have a very useful yahoo group as well. Thank you Marcin and team. The Rules are free to download and are very playable ,you do not need loads of models or be a mechanical genius to build flight stands and they have loads of back up stuff ,like scenarios ,add on rules for almost everything you can think of and they are a "Living rule set" in other words constantly being added to and improved ,and the team  encourage feed back from players.

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