Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Participation Game

Hi we will be running a FOF participation game on sat 6th November at Wargames Emporium Sheffield to raise funds for the Royal British Legion and to give people the chance to look at the Prizes and buy tickets for the Raffle drawn the following Saturday.

The game will be using the successful 10 Liner scenario we ran at triples this year , based on the Render safe scenario in Operation Uruzgan and a article on the MOD web site about how British EOD units work in Afghanistan.
For details on the raffle follow the headings above for details of the Wargames Emporium  and Ambush Alley games please follow the links below

The game in progress at Triples 2010. (actually it,s the game nearest the camera during a break, we ran two games side by side )

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