Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Malayan Emergency

I was looking for a new period to play for myself but that would tie in with my Fundraising for the Royal British Legion and for use with Ambush alley's Force on Force.I looked at ww11 which is a favourite period of mine ,but already on show at most convention's .I wanted something a little different and out of the blue came Inkerman castings Malayan range , a superb range that promises to cover everything needed and a fascinating conflict .Using force on force Ambush Valley add on , I will field the Communist terrorists as the lists for Viet Cong Main Force ,with D8 troop quality and D8 Morale ,but with the poorly supplied rule .This represents the fact that at least the CT's leaders where well trained and used to fightiing in that area during the second world war , and the fact that after the first few months the supplies began to dry up due to increased security force numbers and the hearts and minds policy that was brought in. The special rules Ambush , Lack of initiative ,poor communication Elusive foe ,victory through blood , Reinforce and Fight another day ,will also be used.
The Commonwealth forces will be classed as ANZACS with TQ D10 and M D10 (this may change in some scenarios to represent a force with a large number of national service men rather than regulars) he special rule Rules of engagement will be used.

As yet I have not decided on Morale and TQ for the Police units and plantation owners ,any help appreciated.

For more info on the Malayan Emergency read  The War of the Running Dogs by Noel Barber and there a couple of links in my links section as well. The Inkerman range can be seen at the Brittania miniatures site .

Better pictures and samples are regulary seen on the ambush Alley Forum. I hope to put up some better photos as soon as possible.

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    I look forward in seeing this conflict develop over time.