Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Topside Minis -A Review

Ive been looking at moving my charity games for the British Legion into other spheres and thought of WW2 naval having found a great set of rules for the period (naval Thunder,see my earlier review) I started looking at the ships .I wanted to do the mediterranean theatre ,so looked at the 1/3000 scale minis which did the full range but some were just a small piece of metal that could have been anything ,the fantastic GHQ stuff didnt do every ship I wanted and the price was scary ,so I followed a link to topside minis site and was impressed with what I saw ,cheap but colourful top view stickers that depicted ships in great detail and even ships in the same class are slightly different with deck colours or turrets being in different positions. Topside offer a free sample so I applied expecting a no sorry your at the other side of the world reply but no a sample popped through my door pretty quickly and it was nice a ww1sample not my period but still sold the idea to me .Topside must do every ship ,submarine and aircraft you can think of and even do battle sets containing everything for certain battles.The ships come with wooden bases included but to save money on postage Topside offer a 50% discount if you order minus the bases which I did getting some cut to size by warbases here in the UK . Having recieved my ships (despite the best efforts of Royal Mail ) I started to stick a few down it took me 25 minutes to cut out and stick down the Cape Spada set ,the stickers are easy to peel off and re-position if your a bit useless like me so dont worry about spoiling them . Each ship is in full colour ,with the name ,class and countrys flag shown for recognition ,scale is large about 1/1800 I believe .Got a ton of ships for less than 50% of the lead price even with import duties etc and these are so much easier to store and transport plus no painting or gluing together ,will be ordering alot more of these,  cant reccomend them enough really the only thing to do now is to to see how they fight .10/10
The free sample

Some of my Navies on the sheets ,easy to cut out and stick down

The Hood is huge 

Differences between vessels of the same class is nice touch

The cape Spada set on acutting mat so you get anidea of sizes 

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