Sunday, 23 April 2017

Naval Thunder -test game

I have my first game of Naval Thunder planned for this coming Wednesday at sheffield wargames society so thought I would have a quick play test to make sure I have at least the basic rules under my belt. I printed off data sheets for a battleship and cruiser for each side ,then set about a simple game which basically involved just shooting at each other .The rules are straight forward but pretty exciting  really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the proper game on wednesday.
The ship data cards laid out with the appropriate Topside Minis ship s

Sheffield opens fire at medium range ,rolling 6 D10's ..and scoring 1 hit 

Damage rolled on 2 D10's =a score of 12

look it up on the chart

add the damage ,really simple most stuff just reads off the data card was playing without the rule book after 20mins or so .

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