Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Battle of Cape Spada

Did my first proper game of Naval Thunder last night at Sheffield wargames Society ,we did the battle of Cape Spada scenario ,it almost was an accurate refight ,then things started going dramatically wrong for the Brits with some really poor shooting .The game ended with a British destroyer sunk ,one failing a command test and leaving and the Sydney clinging on for dear life flooding and listing badly ,luckily the remaining British Destroyers valiantly got in the way and some great gunnery saw one of the Italian cruisers disappear in a sheet of flame and the other on fire failed its command roll and left with its tail between its legs. The rules played brillliantly after turn 2 we were only refering to the rule book when the quick play sheet instructed us to .We both enjoyed it and so did then onlookers  and my Topside minis caused quite a stir as well ,getting a order together between some of us so we can split postage and import costs. A great night lots of fun and chat between the club members we  are going from strength to strength well done to our new committee .
set up at start of game 
The Australian cruiser closes in on the unsuspecting Italians who were busy chasing the destroyers about 

oops feet getting wet 

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