Saturday, 6 May 2017

Flames of War Desert Terrain

Not being very good at it or having the time to build it ,I do buy lots of ready made terrain ,on my recent trip into the War-games emporium I thought I would buy some of the flames of war desert stuff to use with my Battlegroup Tobruk game ,the stuff is made for 15mm and I game in20mm but hey what scale is a hill? .First box is the escarpment set ,I like these ad they fit well with the 20mm toys ,if the sand had been the colour on the box it would have been perfect for my basing but I will have to dry brush them a little . The second box is the palm tree set ,this is not so good the base boards dont sit level they are warped ,the tree bases don't accept the plugs on the trees so I am going to have to drill the bases or cut the plugs and glue them down it would have been good if they plugged in to make transport easier and again the very dark sand finish.Not at all happy with this set. I think they retail about £25 each I got a SWGS club discount and bought a lot of other bits so not too sure.Both sets are ok for 20mm scale .

Escarpments 8 out of 10

palms 5 out of 10

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