Sunday, 7 May 2017

Battlegroup Tobruk -British

Forward HQ -SHQ figures anyscale staff car
Managed to get my Brits up to fighting strength ,altough far from finished I still have a lot of kit to paint but at least I can have a small game .
Dispatch Rider-Early War Miniatures,nice to but rider way out of scale 
Platoon HQ and 2" mortar -SHQ figures and Anyscale lorry

the 3 sections of the platoon each includes a bren -SHQ with PSC lorries

My infantry Tanks -Airfix

Forward Observer-Early war miniatures

Recce foot patrol -SHQ

Tomahawk -Oxford die cast

Hurricane -Easy model -(yes wrong mark)

Spitfire against the African sky(sheffield actually and yes wrong MK again but the 3 came as a set form amazon for a tenner 

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