Thursday, 18 May 2017

Naval Thunder ,second game

Played our 2nd game of Naval thunder last night at the club ,this time we tried the rules for Battleships .We did a fictional encounter between the Royal Navies warspite and Valiant against Vichy France's Dunkerque and Bretagne . The Fench ships displayed some fantastic long range gunnery and while the British gunfire was terrible they did manage to knock 2 secondary turrets off the Bretagne and started a fire on the Dunkerque but the French damage control teams were just as good as their gunners and put the fire out before it did any real damage . The 2 British battle wagons had to (very slowly) leave the table only just managing to stay afloat . A great game the rules are fast play but are realistic and we are looking forward to trying out the aircraft and sub rules and bigger fleets before we begin our campaign .sadly i forgot to take any pictures but the Topside minis stole the show with the club members showing a lot of interest in them .

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