Saturday, 13 February 2016

Urbanmatz Review

I have been looking ta buying some mats to game on for a while and took the plunge after seeing this particular one on facebook and I am well impresssed I purchased the 3x3 urban district mat for using with Batman Miniature Game, 7TV and any other 20th century or sci fi games that i dabble in .

VALUE = excellent about £27.00 +P&P and it comes with a free carry case which is zip fastening and has handles along the top and each end ,the bag seems pretty durable ,the only moan i could come up with was there could have been a lable pocket to mark which mat is in the bag as I plan buying more of these so I am bound to pick the wrong one up but that can be easily sorted . 10/10

Service = Excellent I ordered late at night on the 6th Feb had 3 emails detailing the progress of my order one of these had a tracking number for the courier and it arrived on the 11th , not bad considering Urbanmats are in the Czech republic . 10/10

Product Quality = 10/10 The mat seems to be very strong made from the same stuff as mouse pads I believe . The colours are good not faded or garish and show agreat deal of detail such as oil stains and cracks .The mat allows figures to be moved round without snagging which happen with some cloth mats Ive played on ,but counters and terrain stay in place  . The roads and areas are the right size for 28mm and 32mm figures ,10/10

A brilliant buy ,I will be purchasing more when my funds allow I want a 3x3 for frostgarve and a 6x4 grasslands for general use .Below are some pics of the mat and a game of Batman which we palyed to christen the mat .
The free bag

The mat in all its glory 

a close up of teh amazing detail 

with terrain and figures in action

Alfred spent the game polishing the Batmobile

a bit of rooftop action

Gordon and a collegue stop for snacks 

Riddle me this

Bats and Penquins 

The Riddler legs it