Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Anzac Centurion

Finished my first centurion for Nam ,I am pleased with it seeing as it was such awful casting and its the first time I have used pigmenst for the mud and rust effects .


  1. Very nice really like the weathering on the treads :)

  2. That's a shocking cast. Good coloured mud, though!

  3. Thnaks for the comments guys ,I was worried about the mud its the first time I have used pigments ,and yes evey thing i get from Grubbys is awful ,I have loads from Brittania and never had aproblem .I need 2 more centurions and 2 more Mii3s with turrets I have found 3 Airfix FSV's and will wait for the Ace kit of the centurion but might have to bite the bullit and get 2 more M113's from grubby and get some more green stuff .