Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Night gaming-Terminator

Had our 2nd game of Terminator last night ,1st game with all the rules and really enjoyed it (I won ) ,this tme i played the resistance and John ran the Terminator infiltrator which caused havoc and went through my forces like aknife through hot butter until alucky shot took him down just as all seemed lost . The game from Warlord is very good has the flavour of the movies and has agood support from Warlord .
The resistance waits ,the sniffer dog starts getting edgy 

The infiltrator advances 

not used in this game but had to show old Arney 

kyle Reese and Johhn Conner again not used but nice figure all belong to John Grayson 


  1. Looks great I have seen the 'Terminator' sets previewed the cops and cast look great!

  2. yes they are nice i;m glad John bought this ,as it would have cost me afortune :-)