Sunday, 13 March 2016

RH Models -Australian S.A.S

When `i ordered my Ambush Valley Australian infantry off of Rolf at RH models I also ordered apack of each of his SAS for nam as well ,they are as always lovely ,they are in 3 packs ,one has 9 figures with different headgear and Rifles and smg's ,the second contains 3 with M203 grenade launchers an the last has 2 LMG's .The 9 figure pack is my favourite one chap has asterling with silencer another has a M79 grenade launcher in one hand and ashotgun across his chest , a alot of the figures I thinmk were inspired by the Anzacs in Nam osprey . Again as always there is little or no flash and the figures are full of character .


OZSAS-9 figures with mix of weapons .



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