Wednesday, 9 March 2016

wednesday night gaming -Cursus Honorum 11

Went to Sheffield wargames Society gameless last night but on arriving was offered the chance by John Armatys to take part in the dry run of wargames developments Triples participation game ,Cursus Honorum 11, now I have played the Cursus Honorum 111 card game but this was almost aroman version of monopoly . The game is wonderful ,again a game of possible promotion through the Roman society with plenty of chances to get honour and ramk by either being loved by the people or being down right dirty (that would be me then ) .The game took about 35-40 minutes to play with 6 players ,4 of whom had not played before we all picked it up really quickly and had a great time ,especially me has not only was I first around the board but I won with an amazingly high score .If you are at Triples look out for this and take half an hour out to play it at least once ,highly recommended plus I also understand John and his team will be offering a discount on WD membership ,even though I am running a game I am hoping to take time out to play again .

My game card just before my last flurry of gaining lots of honour and dignity 

John (wearing the laurels )and Dave look on in amazement as I do a victory parade  around Rome 

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