Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -7TV2 Star Wars

Had a great game of 7tv 2nd edition last night using the free star wars supplement . The scenario was basically the escape one from the rule book with the added story of teh AT AT had been disabled and certain items (objective tokens) needed scavening from the wreckage ,It was really good fun with the countdown cards and gadgets adding loads of moans and groans along the way ,The dark side won basically I was going to do a more in depth report but got so involved didnt jot down all the info and forgot to take turn by turn pics .Figures are hero clix ,mat by Urbanmatz ,rules 7tv .

Pre game story -the AT AT under attack

pilot eyes view

My forces 

a very slow advance 

thats gotta hurt 

Luke and is Dad have afall out 

your not going to sneak up on Solo in that 

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