Saturday, 26 March 2016

Anzac armour W.I.P

At Triples iIvisited the Grubby Tank stand to complain about the quality of the vehicles i had ordered from them and asked to inspect the next ones I wanted to finish my units off ,they admitted that a lot of their resin was not up to scratch but they now had a  new moulding processes ,I had alook and the 2 centurions I wanted were a lot better the M1113's with Gage Turrets were out of stock but I took a gamble and paid for 2 to be delivered ,again they were a lot better but not as good as the centurions and still needed a bit of filling . Work in progress pics below of the models to give me a force of 4 Centurions and 4 M113's for the Battle of Binh Ba .Also a pic of the 1st finished M113 ,theFoul Boy took part in many actions in Nam .
The last 6 Armoured Vehicles for Binh Ba 

Foul Boy 

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