Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Kingdom is ours -another update

I have read the rules a few times now and really like them ,plays been held up by me not having much time to paint stuff but I have all the bits and pieces needed and have just finished a couple of bits for my Tercio . I chose Prince Rupert of the Rhine as my Tercio commander ,King Charles's Nephew he had seen action in the 80 years war and was appointed General of Horse at the start of the Civil war .He was described as "tall ,handsome and of Sparkish dress" he was at first successful but was defeated at Marston Moor where his beloved dog Boy was killed ,Boy was considered a demon by the parliamentarians with claims he could become invisible and spy on enemy camps and catch bullits aimed at his master ?. After surrendering Bristol and attempting to talk his uncle into seeking peace he was dismissed .After the war he served the French and saw more action until the restoration when he became governor of windsor Castle and taking up Science  as a hobby even converting a room at Windor into a lab .
 He died in 1682. The First Regiment I have finished was by coincidence Prince Ruperts regiment ,they saw much actionespecially in the North but were wiped out at Naesby the survivors becoming part of the Garrison at Bristol with Rupert.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine and Boy

A nice but fragile figure from warlord 

Prince Ruperts Blew Regiment of Foote

Again Warlord mainly plastic but with some metal command flags by Flags of War


  1. Hi Itchy, I'm really interested in this set of rules but I'm looking to play it in 15mm. Any limitations I should be aware of any how many models in a typical army please?



    1. Hi Craig not really the rules give the following recommendations for a Tercio
      1 mounted commander
      3 infantry regiments each of 4 shot bases and 4 pike each base of 4 figures
      2 horse regiments each of 4 stands of 4 figures
      and 1 saker
      I have changed the base sizes slightly and only put 3 horse per stand I will put an update on the blog soon about the sizes i have chosed and why ,casualties are tracked on trackers you can either print off or buy mdf ones from bicorne .but so long as both armies are based the same there should be no problem you ccould give each regiment a pre determined casualty rating and ignore the number of figures per regiment really

  2. Thanks. So Iam looking at about 140 ish figures a side to paint and base. I think 15mm might be the best way to go given my painting speed :-)