Saturday, 23 July 2016

Roads and Rivers

Thought I would treat myself to some Roads and Rivers ,I wanted enough pieces to use on my 6x4mat especiallyfor use with my French Indian wars and english Civil War projects . so after looking at afew companies and being shocked by prices I found Small Terrain Miniature Scenary on Facebook ,after looking at their web store I took the plunge and ordered some bits .I ordered the 7 piece rural road set with the 4 piece straight set and the 8 piece river set along with a ford .I should have ordered the ford with road so it matched up to the road set better but my mistake .The Rivers are resin and the roads are fibre board and the best bit they come ready painted and flocked .The pictures below were just done quickly as I did a quick layout on my Urban matz 6x4 so I could see if I had ordered enough but you should get an idea of quality from these.The quality is good ,and of course staright out of parcel to the table not sat in my cupboard waiting to be pianted. Service was good turn around for something which I think is made to order it took less than 2 weeks ,packaging could have been a bit better ,some of the flock had been flatterened but the pieces had survived my local sorting office so wasnt that bad .For those that want to paint thier own bits the items also come unpainted ,well worth a look the items pictured cost me around £60 painted ,flocked and delivered .


all the river pieces just fall short of 6ft

close up of some of the sections

all the road pieces

close look at the bends


the ford I should have ordered the ford with road .

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