Sunday, 31 July 2016


Visited the Battlefield at Naseby this weekend and it was very worthwhile ,recently added viewing platforms and information points made it most enjoyable and informative .We started at Fairfaxs viewpoint then called in at the obelisk the original monument to the battle.then through Naseby to the Cromwell Monument then onto Sulby Hedge and the possible KIngs Oak location ,this was a good walk from the road across farm fields but the farmer was very nice and pointed us in the quickest direction .Then we managed to get lost on our way to retreat viewpoint ,then we missed the ROC viewpoint and went straight to Prince Ruperts view .We doubled back to the ROC viewpoint before heading into Market Harborough to see Bloodymans ford .

Sulby Edge

Cromwells Monument from SulbyEdge

The Royal Obcerser Corps post on the battlefield 

one of the occupants of the ROC

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