Wednesday, 3 August 2016

wednesday night gaming -7TV ghost busters.

Had afantastic game of 7tv last night using the paranormal investigators supplement ,I did mean to do a full report with loads of pictures but got that wrapped up in the game I forgot ?. Johnplayed the ghostbusters with aman in black and 3 bystanders in support ,I played the spooky side with a fine array of things that went bump in the night . After taking a mighty beating and losing almost half of my cast I managed victory by retaining the Babalonion chest containing the ancient scrolls also known as a Maguffin ,great fun with lots of tension .The game recived lots of interest and nice comments as well .Rules and most of figures by crooked dice ,buildings mainly TT combat and mat by Urbanmatz.
The deserted streets of downtown 

theres something strange in the neighbourhood 

who ya gonna call

they came they saw they got thier asses kicked 


  1. Some scary creatures in this game. And then there were the figures on the table....