Sunday, 7 August 2016

AW Miniatures French Indian Wars

My kickstarter stuff from Andrew at AW arrived today so eagerly opened the package to find the lovlie goodies shown below, 2 canoes 1 with Rangers 1 with Indians for crew ,a mounted officer for the French and British and a French Regular battle pack for muskets and tomahawks .Really nice figures fit togerther with my Galloping Major stuff  well which is a bonus ,the canoes come with loads of extras ,packs rifles etc .The battle pack contains Ix French Officer ,2 x Regular units each of 7 infantry and 1 NCO (these contain slight variations ) and six indian allies ,fantastic value.
my goodies 

The mounted officers 

The Ranger Canoe

The Indian Canoe

The M&T battle Pack

A close up of some of the Regulars

Comparison with a Galloping Major Ranger 

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