Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Kingdom is ours -Base Sizes

Thought I would mention base sizes for the kingdom is ours ,when we were planning our armies we started from scratch so decided we would use the base sizes from the rule book ,however we soon found out that the warlord figures we were using seemed very cramped on the bases and it was difficult to put filler and flock between the figures so we enlarged them slightly for foot and horse .We kept the number of figures the same except for Horse bases where we use 3 instead of 4 figures ,this will not matter as the casualties are marked on a tracker rather than removing figures.The sizes we use are shown below next to the rule reccomended sizes .

                              Reccomended                               ours

foot                        40mm x 40mm                             50mm x50mm

Horse                      40mm x 80mm                           50mm x 80mm (3 figs)

Guns                       60mmx80mm                             60mmx80mm

commander             60mm round                               60mm round


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