Saturday, 20 February 2016

Urbanmatz second review .

I was incredibly impressed with my first Urbanmatz purchase so I ordered 2 more ,The service was just as good , emial cofirmation when my order was placed late Sunday and another with tracking details before they  arrived thursday and if you read my last review you may remember I mentioned there was no name or markings on the bags and as I knew I would be ordering more and would end up taking the wrong bag with to the club ,well Martin at Urbanmatz read my post and not only remedied that issues by putting name and size tags on the nags for free but even sent me aspare one for my previous purchase . I will ask Martin if they are going to produce a desert terrain in 6x4 and a Urban mat with a British road lay out ,if so they will be my next purchases .

My collection so far with name tags 

6x4FT Grasslands Mat
My favourite so far the grass and rocks have an amazing 3-D look to them and jsut by coincidence almost matches my basing .I used this today for another play test of my "Nothing Remains but to Fight " Rules Pictures below
The Mat in its full glory

The detail is amazing almost 3D

Zulu's Fasans of em !

The Zulu's close in

The thin Red Line awaits its fate 

The NNC ,one of the new rules I wanted to test ,they ran as expected 

The cavalry another new rule , They performed very well but died enmasse when they dismounted 

Marching to their doom

One group of the Brits make a last stand 

3x3 Snow Terrain Mat
Very nice indeed perfect for Frostgrave and snowy 7TV games I have planned .

The detail is just as good as my other 2 mats 


  1. That top mat looks absolutely superb.

  2. Yes it is and alot cheaper thatn most makes .