Thursday, 18 February 2016

Vietnam Anzacs work in progress

Started on my Vietnam Project detailed in an earlier post ,most of the infantry was ordered from RH but when I ordered it Rolf did say it would be delayed due to illness so I ordered a few bits from Grubby tanks to keep me going . I wasnt too keen on ordering from Grubby as I had ordered once previuosly and it was a disaster I had ordered a load of infantry and about 6 vehicles when the order arrived the infantry was almost all wrong and the vehicles were awful .I sent a couple of emails and recieved no reply  so vowed never to deal with them again ,which was a shame as I had always dealt with Britannia before Grubby took it over. Well with only Grubby doing the Aussie Centurion and the M113 with cadillac turret I bit the bullit and put in a small order for 4 vehicles and about a dozen or so figures . Well this time the infantry figures were correct in number and were exactly what I had ordered plus there was a bonus free pack thrown in ,very nice indeed sadly the vehicles were terrible I have had to use loads of green stuff to try and make them presentable even one of the metal gun barrels on one of the tanks was a mess it looked like it had been sawn through with a blunt hacksaw , the resin crew were half cast on one of the m113's so i ahd to cut it out and replace with a metal figure and a metal crew figure was missing plus I think there should have been a couple of Mg's which were also missing
 I need another 2  each of the vehicles so will buy at a show so I can look at them before paying .Below are afew work in progress pics . 
Centurion even with a lot of green stuff the barrel s still a mess 

this lot just need the bases and varnishing finished