Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -The nuclear pirates

A quick but original game of Force on Force put on by John Grayson last night ,a group of pirates had captured cargo ship containing nuclear waste and 2 seal teams had to recapture the ship ,a very good game with a very slow SEAL victory  .  The ship was by TT combat and was the centre of attention at the sheffield wargames society even though John had not had time to paint it yet .

The heroic seal teams 

The Blackhawk that would drop the SEALS in and the Viper that would menace the pirates 

The target swarming with maritime bandits 

The guards around the Nuclear waste 

One of the seal teams land on the bridge 

a overhead shot from one of the choppers 

The SEALS storm the Bridge (very slowley as they failed their tests 3 times before going in ) 

The Viper flies low to keep the pirates heads down (actually they all stood up and waved ) 

The Seal team secure the Nuclear Waste 


  1. Great looking game. The ship looks like a useful bit of kit.



  2. yes useful for almost any 20th,21st century setting at least 1 person at the club ordered it after seeing it on wednesday .