Saturday, 16 January 2016

7TV 2nd Edition

I have always been a big fan of 7TV the game set in the world of 1960's & 70's television and films and have most of the original books and card sets ,the only draw back with the system to me was the cast building which was a long process.Crooked Dice have now updated it and the casts are easier to choose as they all come on top quality pre printed cards ,many other changes have taken place as well the counters and templates are now perspex and it all comes in a sturdy box with the rule book split into 2 seperate books .Crooked Dice have also already released some scenario books based on star wars ,scooby doc and Ghost Busters in PDF form and the best bit is the Star wars and Scooby doo are free. Below are pics of the box an contents and the figures from the pre order Army set . I will be playing game in acouple of weeks so will do a better review and AAR then .
The Box which is very strong so will last 

the cards -almost 150 profile cards , 20 gadet cards and 45 count down cards

blast template ,metal maguffin token and loads of other counters 

the 2 books 

both books are laid out well and contain lots of colour examples

also in the box is this discount token 

not part of the box sets but one of the pre order starter sets 


  1. Nice! I have to agree I whole heartedly as I bought it as well. I didn't get any mini's alas. Love the Bazooka team. I'm looking forward to picking up the Police Sergeant and Marksman to add to my Police force when they get released.