Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Black Effect by Harvey Black

Just finished the second part of the trilogy and its just as gripping as the first part,each chapter dealing with the soviet invasion through the characters we met in Red Effect plus lots of new ones .The battles ,skirmishes and secret missions are all full of action and excitement and are so realistically described again I could not put it down ,lucky for me I was on 12 hour night duty and it was quiet .As I have already said this book brings in new characters and we begin to see how the other NATO and warpact allies might have reacted to a conflict in Europe .Very realistic combat ,briefing and political sections to this fantastic novel leaves you rooting for or hating the people that briefly effect the novel and the wars progress ,I would love to go into more detail but do not want to spoil these brilliant books ,from a war gamers point of view both these books give loads of ideas for one off and campaign games ,now I am sat very impatiently  for Mr Black to finish part  3 then I will move onto his WW2 trilogy . 10/10

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