Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Red Effect by Harvey Black

One of the many books that santa stored on my Kindle was ,The Red Effect by Harvey Black. This is a must read for anyone even slightly interested in the cold war ,and the what if it had gone hot possibilities .The Author served in military intelligence during this period and has his own blog showing many pictures taken during his time in Berlin ,the Red Effect is the first of a trilogy and deals with the intelligence build up just prior to this fictional conflict . The book is well written and i found it almost impossible to put down ,it builds up at a very fast pace and ends with the first very bloody moments of world war 3 in Europe . The book uses many various characters .soviet and British mainly but also German and American and uses "fictional "politicians such as the female UK Prime Minister and her support of the ex actor who is now the U.S. President to show how Europe very easily the world slides into war . This is a very gripping read and will give war gamers lots of inspiration I have just started reading the second partThe Black Effect. 10/10

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  1. An ex-actor as President? Like that'd ever happen.....