Tuesday, 18 February 2014

EXPO AB602 Air Brush

My good lady went into the Wargames Emporium during her lunch hour to treat me to an Air Brush and took John the owners advice and came away with the Expo AB 602 complete air brush deal , a grand sounding bit of kit which sounds like it should grace all garages and machine shops around the globe.  It is actually my first airbrush and looking at the box and instruction sheets looked very daunting ,but much to my surprise and joy its very simple to use . The deal includes a compressor ,airbrush ,water trap and air hose .The compressor is mains run and very quiet is very easy to use just turn it on set the pressure ,I set this at about 25 psi at this pressure the compressor keeps pumping at higher pressures (40psi) it automatically fills the air cylinder then cuts off till you use the contained air. the Air hose is braided and very tough feeling a glass water trap fits between the hose and the air brush .The Air Brush itself is a gravity fed type and even I managed to strip it down and clean it with no problems .John at the W.E informed Elaine when she purchased it that all the parts can be obtained     as spares through him if needed . I played about for 30 minutes or so practising and cleaning it before actually using it to paint 3 Plastic Soldier Company stags that I am painting for a competition and I am well chuffed for my first attempt. Also purchased some Vallejo Model Air paints to go with it and as always with Vallejo they are excellent .  A bit hard to score as its my first AirBrush but for a beginner I will give it 9 /10 (the instructions are a bit confusing ) Retail £125.   £110.at the Emporium


  1. Very interesting. I must admit to feeling a bit intimidated at the cost more than anything in case I can't get use to it. I think I'd need to find some one who had one and try it first.

  2. yes must admit if I had gone I think I would have gone for the £20.00 option ,but when you take into account how much the air canisters are you soon go over £100. plus looking at other forums and reviews a canister airbrush of the same quality would cost around £50.00 ,but it all depends on how much you would use it as well ,Ive got lots of ww2 German kit to build and paint .