Thursday, 13 February 2014

7ombie TV horde

the 4 dogs
 I thought I would get some plastic zombies to bulk out my zombie hordes for crooked dices  7ombie tv games .I purchased two add on sets made for the zombicide board game .I got the box of zombie dogs and walk of the dead 2 box set .The dogs box contains 20 miniatures of four different types ,they come on stands but easily pull away to be re-based at your desire all four pooches have damage depicted where they were bitten .The human zombie set cantains 24 miniatures with eight different figures these figures are moulded onto very thin bases but are slightly taller than most 28mm figures so leaving them on the thin bases makes them the same height as figure on slotta bases .
1 of each of the variants 

a fatty 
The Boxes also include card decks for use with the Zombicide  game and come in a plastic tray which could be used to transport your painted zombies around in , I purchased mine from the war-games emporium in Sheffield along with a few other things so can't remember the exact price  but I think they retail around £20. per box ,so about .84pence for the Humans ? and about a £1. each for the doggies so a cheapish way to build a horde for your zombie games .I will put up some painted and comparison pics soon . 8/10

the sets come in a nice plastic tray 

the 2 box sets .


  1. they are lots of detail on them really stands out now I have them undercoated.