Sunday, 4 May 2014

B.A.O.R forward HQ

HQ sets up as a recce force moves forward
 A few pics from a test game of Force on Force -cold war gone hot  .
the recce units move away from the farm 

A infantry platoon begins to take up position

HQ vehicles outside the barn

The Ferret moves out 

A patrol in full NBC gear 

Guards in position

Tanks move up in support

Vehicles are mainly S&S but a couple of RH/Liberation and a Airfix one are in there as well the VW,s are oxford die casts and the  figures a mix of Brittanis Rh and Elheim buildings are the 4Ground ones for PSC which are now discontinued and rules by Ambush Alley


  1. That warehouse building looks great. But you can't get it anymore?

    I have nominated you for a Liebster.

  2. Thank you if you look on the plastic soldier company web site I think they have some left at half price to clear