Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sheffield Triples Day 2

in the beginning 

a Milan waits to trap aT72

oooh reinforcements

lots of burning Warpact kit 

The Game  we used force on force ,cold war gone hot to raise funds for the Royal British Legion . We raised a moderate amount and as I always say every penny helps. The game on Saturday resulted in an impressive win for the warpact But Sundays game left a trail of destroyed T72's ,Bmp's and other assorted vehicles and the B.O.A.R in a position to chase them from the board . I will post more detailed AAR's later .

We had a really interesting chat with Tim Gow and John Armatys about which rule set to use for up coming project ,got lots of invites to run games at various places got a new sponsor in Karl from Crooked Dice Games of 7TV fame and we must give a really big thank you to Sheffield Wargames Society not only for their help but a really nice donation as well . Thanks to every one who stopped by to chat and ask questions a really nice weekend .

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