Thursday, 14 November 2013

Brigade Models

Brigade Models another of our sponsors for the Royal British Legion fund raising ,is a UK company that as a diverse range of products that ranges from 6mm sci fi to 28mm Great war .The Great war range is what first brought them to my attention at that time they were the only people making early war Belgians ,these lovely 28mm figures are the bees knees for any one interested  in this brave little army that put up such a valiant struggle in the early days of WW1 .Brigade Models Belgians are shown in the distinctive Napoleonic style uniforms and I believe is still the most complete range of figures on this subject . Looking at the site though I found some very tempting ranges that I have missed before ,a lovely little range of 15mm sic-fi which is the only thing I actually game in 15mm now ,some nice 28mm Belgian civilians which I will order not only for my great war games but also for use in my Dr Who and Cthulu games . Star ships and victorian flying machines also populate the web store and when you search the site you find some great links and even a page on which cakes are the best , a must for war gamers! .
Take a look and see what you've been missing .

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