Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dave Parsons Painting Service

A local sponsor of our British Legion raffles is Dave Parsons ,a really nice guy I first met at Triples about 3 or 4 years ago when Dave and his son joined in one of my Force on Force games ,he now runs a painting service and always puts up a voucher as a prize ,I am packing a few figures up now for Dave to paint for me in my on going attempts to make my lead pile smaller , there many examples of Daves painting in the war games emporium I think most of the stores armies are his work .

Dave Parsons
Painting and Modeling
Figures and models to a tabletop standard for wargamers
Any rule system, period, genre or scale

Quick and Reliable Service
Guide Prices
15mm / 18mm
Foot : £1.10
Cavalry : £1.65

Foot : £1.65
Cavalry : £2.20

Other scales, types etc by arrangement
Contact Dave
Mobile : 07881920311

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