Wednesday, 13 November 2013

RH Models

Just as a thank you and as I have already had one of the winners of a prize ask me about where some of the prizes came from ,I have decided to do a small write up on each of the sponsors who provided prizes and support this year , in an irregular set of posts that will take awhile between work and family and painting . Hopefully this will benefit these generous people and you will support them by dealing with them as they supported our armed forces by helping our fund raising.

So in no order at all I will start with Rolf at RH models known to many as Liberation Figures , Rolf is a really nice chap which shows up in the fact he contacted me wishing to donate some of his wonderful figures as prizes , and contacted me on the day of the raffle wishing me luck .

Its hard to describe RH Models range as it covers almost all (if not all ) 20th & 21st century conflicts , a quick look at his web pages will amaze you if you are not already familiar with Rolf's figures. I personally bought some of his 80's British army and SAS , plus one of his vehicles and must admit I loved the figures especially the SAS a quick hunt back through this blog under cold war headings will show some of them . His ranges can are listed here  and here   please visit both sites  . Can I just say as well ,that both sets of figures he donated as prizes were stunning but the modern Russians were amazing and caused a bit of a stir on raffle day .

some of Rolf's SAS in my collection 

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