Saturday, 9 November 2013

over for another year ...

Well thats it another year of collecting over and already planning next years . I would personally like to thank everyone who contributed prizes and very one who bought tickets I have yet to do a final count on the amount raised but I do know it is down on last year ,but over all it still looks an  healthy amount and as I always say every penny counts. I have to tie in all the vouchers and gift tokens etc and inform those that contributed in that way who will be claiming their prizes .A few prizes remain unclaimed these will be stored in the war-games emporium sheffield until they are claimed if prizes are not claimed before the end of this month then they will be auctioned and the money sent to the British Legion .
The unclaimed tickets are :

White 196
white 195
white 228
white 198
white 143
white 222
green 229
white 287
pink 270
white 277

Just pop in with your winning ticket to the Emporium before the end of November to claim your prize
some of the prizes on offer today 

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