Thursday, 28 November 2013

Royal Mail is stopping me painting…...

well not really ,but they are making it a lot harder to buy small pots of paint through the post ,it is really stupid so I am not going to try and explain just have a look at the link below . Please sign the petition even if you don't order paint through the post ,I don't but I know my local store sell it this way and if they lose sales and close it effects me any way ,plus its more stupid red tape stopping people doing what they have done for years  this is a copy of the email sent to me with the link .

Dear Richard, 

Thanks for signing my petition, "Royal Mail: Lift the restrictions on shipping water-based paints.." 

Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It's easy to share with your friends on Facebook - just click here to share the petition on Facebook. 

There's also a sample email below that you can forward to your friends. 

Thanks again -- together we're making change happen, 

Leon Pengilley 


Note to forward to your friends:


I just signed the petition "Royal Mail: Lift the restrictions on shipping water-based paints." on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:



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