Monday, 29 July 2013

work in progress SS 20mm

 Whislt off work ill I have tried to cut my way through my lead and plastic mountain and in one of my stays in hospital I took some SHQ ww2 SS figures and without any reference material tried to show a mix of camo smocks helmet covers etc .I am pretty pleased with my attempts and I am keeping with the colours and patterns ,my favourite attempt are ones I have done wearing peadot trousers and which I have not taken any pictures of ? ,will post more when based and varnished .I am going to stick with SHQ I really like them I only bought a few sample packs at Triples so dont even have a proper section yet ,probably going to use the battle group overlord rules but I do like IABSYM from too fat lardies but no one else does ?

The smocks and helmet covers use the same coluors for the camo patterns but have different base colour ,ones a biege(left hand figure in above pic) ,the others a dark green

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