Thursday, 11 July 2013

Order Counters & Markers

the reds laid out
Always being cursed by small paper and cardboard counters in my Force on Force participation games I have been looking for suitable counters that cover what I want but are not going to cost the earth ,after meeting Mick from REDVECTORS I asked if I could look at his range and between what he already had and what he made especially from my requests I have ended up with a nice set of generic counters that I can use for FOF ,available in a range of colours as can be seen I had Blue and Red sets ,if any one wants the exact sets as shown they are now stock items ,but Mick is open to people adding or changing and willing to qoute for any lettering or numbering .His website does not really go live till his company launch in November but contact him by email and he can send pics and qoutes ,He also does a nice simple and "low cost" range of MDF buildings  .
Contact Him on    and just in case your wondering I have nothing to do with redvectors other than being a satisfied customer.

as they come bagged

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