Friday, 19 July 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning Pt 7

Sultan ,
 With another spell in hospital looming thought I would have ago at the latest order from Shaun at S&S.The Sultan is a beutiful kit you need one even if you play ancients ,you need to build at least one of these :-) . All 3 kits went together without any messing very little cleaning up to do only problem I had was deciding where to put some bits each photograph I looked at of a Sutan was different ,hopefully everything is in the right place .
Got another order in with Shaun for his new FV432 peak turret ,not sure when I will be able to get it done but will post as soon as possible.
Spartan ,I ordered 2 of these

Bag of Stowage ,ordered some vehicles from another manufacturer and they were awful ,hopefully this will hide some problems

The Sultan

Rear view of Sultan

Aerials added

The Spartans


Ready for Action .

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