Sunday, 21 July 2013


Me blocking out the Baccus Stand
 A great day at the JOY of SIX wargaming event in Sheffield a show aimed at everything 6mm ,organised by Pete Berry of Baccus and John Skotulanski of Wargames Emporium .A really nice show which will be even bigger next year and thanks to Baccus,Wargames Emporium ,Reaper ,Timecast and toatal battle miniatures who donated prizes to raise funds for the Royal British Legion .
Doing the same to the Wargames Emporium GHQ stand

A lucky winner the announcer  by the way is Pete Berry

And another winner....

 and another ....

yet another winner ..

you guessed it a winner ...see what you all missed out on .

6mm moderns

Lots of games on display a fantastic little event.

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