Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning PT 4

Platoon HQ
 Some hurried pictures of my progress so far .A B.A.O.R platoon consisting of:
                 Platoon HQ
                 Subaltern SLR
                   Sergeant SLR
                   RTO Sterling
                    Medic SLR
                     2" Mortar

3 x Rifle sections each consising of :
      Rifle Team A
      Section Commander SLR
      Carl Gustav Gunner & Number 2
      Rifleman SLR

      Rifle Team B
      Section Controller SLR
      GMPG & number 2
       Rifle man SLR

All mounted in FV432's
Rifle Team B

Rifle TeamA

All 3 sections

SAS stay behind team

Figure comparison Brittania-Liberation-Elhiem

S&S FV432

S&S Fox

Airfix Scorpion

Liberation Striker
All a bit hurried I'm afraid will retake when based and varnished etc. The Elhiem figure in the comparison shot will be part of my RAF Regiment unit. I do have 4 FV432's at the moment the other 3 are Brittania and are still being filled and bodged as described elsewhere on this blog ,when S&S bring out the FV432 with peak my platoon HQ will have this and the 4th 432 will be transporting my Milan tams about.At the moment in my painting queue I have the above mentioned 432's ,8 NBC suited RAF Regiment(Elhiem) ,another 12 SAS (Liberation),2 Milan teams (Elhiem),2 Airfix Harriers ,Airfix Landrover ambulance , Airfix Scimitar ,A FV432 with Recoiless Rifle(Brittania) , a Abbot spg (S&S) and have just ordered from S&S a Sultan Command vehicle and 2 Spartan APC's. Will also be ordering a fv432 with peak turret from them ,hopefully a couple of FV 432's with scimitar turrets and some of the new  Elhiem BAOR figures which are due out soon ,Plus some more Airfix from the wargames emporium including the NATO ground crew ,all hopefully making a fund raising appearance for the British Legion soon.


  1. Just worthy of note:
    A section didn't always deploy with the Charlie G, only if required (tank stalking).
    If you're doing 4 Div all FV 432's were Mark I's (Exhaust on top not side). Also later on a GPMG turret was added to the 432. (So the deployed section was 7 not 8). Milan traveled in Spartans until the mobile ATK version came in Spartan with double Milan launcher turret.The fox was abandoned when a few tipped over, the turret was too heavy. Striker was never deployed in INfantry Battlaions. The SUltan command vehicle was used by the Mortar Platoon not Battalion HQ. They retained the FV432 with metal locker welded to the top until the Warrior Command variant came into service.

    If you need any more hints on 4 Div let me know.

    1. Cheers for the info very useful , it is so strange that for such a recent part of our history there are so many different accounts of what was used when and where , I will take you up on your offer and contact you in the new year thanks again