Thursday, 18 July 2013

a spot of witch hunting....

Sweet Old lady or Old Hag ?
 A quick game of Witch Finder General by Dashing Dice Games ,a really fun game also is in my opinion  a fantastic ECW skirmish game as well . Didnt get much chance to take many pics but you get the gist of things I swamped under and let the 3 lovely ladies escape ..
Our Galant band

The threee sisters

Somethings cooking

Up on the roof ,something familier ?

A couple of familiers change shape to scare our heroes

That didnt work so 4 Noctelingers move in .

oops a bit unfair 3 barguests also join in.

A flurry of action and 3 barguest and 4 of our lads are finished

The sisters make a get away

a cackle of laughter and off they go .


  1. Just discovering Witchfinder myself and still in the 'collecting' phase, so delighted to see these Napier Witches here to get an idea of what they look like painted up - great job. One of the issues that seems to be slowing me down (apart from procrastination) is basing. Does it really matter what bases you use? Obviously it mentions square in the rules, but I seem to have a problem shaking off my love of the round base. P.S. great blog too, loved the zombies and St. Trinians!

  2. Thanks for your comments Michael , on the basing mine are on round bases as you can see and the guys I game with have a mixture of square and round bases and it has not caused any issues .I just can't het into square basing for skirmish gaming .

    1. Thank you so much for replying Itchy, I really appreciate that. I might look at square bases for the pikemen, but I'm sold on sticking with round for everyone els - as you say they just look better for skirmish games. Once again a huge thank you.

  3. Lovely after action report :) I actually found your blog by google image searching "wargames witches" as I've been trying to locate the company which sells a lovely range of witches - the one with the basket of apples! I bought her at a wargames show a few months ago and completely forgot the name of the company - do you know it? Many thanks :) now subscribed!

  4. Thanks Chris ,the witches I have are from Rapier Miniatures .